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    What Are the Benefits of Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery?

    Last updated 1 day 13 hours ago

    The field of cardiac care has made leaps and bounds in just the past few decades. Although open heart surgery was one of the only options for interventional cardiology procedures for many years, today there are minimally invasive techniques that hold many benefits for patients. Minimally invasive surgery offers fewer risks, shorter operation times, and requires less recovery after surgery. You can learn more about minimally invasive cardiac surgery and how it is performed to treat heard disease by watching this video.

    Aventura Hospital and Medical Center offers state-of-the-art surgical procedures for the treatment of heart disease and many other conditions in North Miami Beach. If you would like to learn more about the healthcare services our hospital provides, please call (305) 921-0492 today. You can find more information about heart disease and cardiac surgery on our website.

    Simple Ways to Avoid Common Summertime Medical Emergencies

    Last updated 3 days ago

    Although summer often means fun in the sun, there are certain risks the summer season can pose to your health. Knowing the most common summertime medical emergencies and how to prevent them will keep you and your family healthier this year. If you do experience a medical emergency, visit Aventura Hospital and Medical Center’s Aventura Emergency Department for the immediate care you need.

    Barbecue Burns

    Outdoor grills can pose a health threat when used improperly. Only use your grill in a well-ventilated area and situate yourself so that hot smoke or ash isn’t blowing into your face. Avoid using lighter fluid or kerosene to light your grill, as this can cause flames to flare up quickly. Always open a closed grill with caution and use tongs when handling foods near the flames.

    Lawn Care Injuries

    A well-manicured lawn enhances the curb appeal of your home over the summer. However, taking care of your lawn can also put you at risk for certain injuries. Never climb a ladder alone—have a friend or family member hold it steady to avoid falling. Use shears, hedge clippers, chainsaws, and lawn mowers with care and always wear protective gloves and eyewear. Avoid caring for your lawn at dawn or dusk, when poor lighting conditions make accidents more likely.


    Severe sunburns can cause significant damage to the skin as well as dehydration. Limit your time in the sun and wear long-sleeved shirts and pants to protect your arms and legs. A broad-brimmed hat will keep your head in the shade even while you are on the go. Always wear a sunscreen with SPF 15 or higher and reapply it every one to two hours to ensure consistent protection.

    At Aventura Hospital and Medical Center, our emergency staff is here 24/7 to provide care for medical emergencies in Aventura and North Miami Beach. If you have questions about summer health risks and safety, you can speak with a registered nurse for answers by calling (305) 921-0492 or fill out our Web contact form to reach us.  

    What You Need to Know About Heart Attack Symptoms

    Last updated 5 days ago

    Heart attacks claim the lives of nearly 600,000 Americans every year, causing one in every four deaths. Thus, learning to recognize the signs of a heart attack could save the life of yourself or a loved one.

    This video discusses the symptoms of a heart attack. In addition to chest pain or pressure, you may feel nauseous, dizzy, or break into a cold sweat. Seeking immediate treatment at a hospital can stop the heart attack before permanent damage to the heart is done.

    If you are experiencing symptoms that worry you or you spot them in someone you love, visit Aventura Hospital and Medical Center immediately for care. Our Emergency Department is home to an excellent team of experienced physicians who will diagnose and treat your condition quickly and effectively. You can learn more about heart attack symptoms and treatment on our website or by calling (305) 921-0492.

    What Is Spinal Fusion Surgery?

    Last updated 7 days ago

    Spinal fusion surgery is one of the most commonly performed lumbar spine surgery procedures. During a spinal fusion, a graft is used to connect adjacent vertebrae in the spine. This graft may be made from bone, plastic, or metal. The purpose of spinal fusion surgery is to elimination motion between two vertebrae, which can put pressure on spinal nerves and cause back pain and other symptoms that affect quality of life. Spinal fusion surgery can be performed using one of many techniques, so your physician will discuss your options before the procedure to determine which type of procedure is best for you.

    The Orthopedic & Spine Institute at Aventura Hospital and Medical Center offers spinal fusion, spinal decompression, and other forms of spine surgery to relieve pain and restore mobility. If you are suffering from back pain that is limiting your activities, call (305) 921-0492 for a referral to one of our hospital’s experienced orthopedic surgeons for evaluation. You can learn more about spinal surgery techniques at our North Miami Beach acute-care hospital when you click through our extensive online health library

    Should You Choose a High SPF Sunscreen?

    Last updated 15 days ago

    SPF, or sun protection factor, is a rating that describes the ability of a sunscreen to block out UVB rays from the sun. The higher a sunscreen’s SPF rating, the longer it will block the sun’s rays. Thus, a sunscreen with an SPF of 30 must be reapplied sooner and more often than a sunscreen with an SPF of 90. However, it’s important to note that SPF does not increase linearly, meaning that a sunscreen with SPF 30 is not twice as good as a sunscreen with SPF 15. Generally, a sunscreen with SPF 30-45 is sufficient to block 97-98% of harmful radiation, making products with a higher SPF unnecessary. Regardless of the sunscreen type and SPF you choose, make sure to wear it every day, rain or shine, and reapply every one to two hours when you are spending time in the sun.

    Do you have more questions about sunburns and other summer health concerns? Contact Aventura Hospital and Medical Center today by calling (305) 921-0492 for personalized information and advice regarding your health. You can learn more about maintaining your family’s health this summer in Hollywood and Hallandale Beach on our blog.


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