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Aventura Hospital and Medical Center provides healthcare services responsive to the needs of our patients, in partnership with our physicians, employees, volunteers and community.

Oncology at Aventura Hospital and Medical Center

Going through cancer treatment can be a challenging time for those diagnosed with the disease and their loved ones. Aventura Hospital and Medical Center strives to provide comprehensive, coordinated cancer care for our Miami-area patients.

As you’ll learn from this video, effective cancer treatment requires a team effort between oncologists, nurses, aides, and other staff. When individuals come to Aventura Hospital and Medical Center for cancer care, they can expect around-the-clock support from our medical professionals. With our excellent oncology team and cutting-edge treatment options, patients receive unparalleled care.

For more information about Aventura Hospital and Medical Center’s cancer care services, call (305) 682-1704. Our Consult-A-Nurse representatives are available to address your questions.