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Understanding the Basics of Alzheimer's Disease

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Many people might think memory loss is a normal part of the aging process. While mild lapses can arise with greater frequency in older age, some instances of memory loss are actually the initial warning signs of a greater problem: Alzheimer’s disease. This neurological condition deteriorates brain health and robs sufferers of the ability to care for others or themselves. Aventura Hospital and Medical Center provides neurological care for those with this condition.

Alzheimer’s Is a Progressive Disease

Being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease can be overwhelming, as this condition only worsens with time. Medical research has yet to find a cure for this problem, which leaves patients and their families with the knowledge that their health will continue to decline. Alzheimer’s disease begins with the deterioration of cognitive function, making it more difficult for sufferers to reason and remember. As the disease progresses, though, it can cause widespread bodily dysfunction. Patients may eventually have issues controlling their bowel movements, swallowing food, and even breathing.

Memory Loss Is Only One Sign of Alzheimer’s

Memory loss is a common indicator of Alzheimer’s disease, but it is not the only symptom of it. Alzheimer’s can also degrade a person’s ability to think logically or rationally. For instance, a person with advancing Alzheimer’s may see no issue with giving confidential information to a stranger. Alzheimer’s disease can make spatial awareness more difficult as well. People with this condition may suddenly find it a challenge to drive themselves home from familiar places like the office or grocery store.

Alzheimer’s Is a Common Cause of Death in Seniors

The senior population continues to grow, and with it, the number of Alzheimer’s disease cases. Individuals under the age of 60 can still suffer from early onset Alzheimer’s, but in most cases, this condition affects those in their senior years. For this reason, it is important that older individuals and their loved ones pay attention to early warning signs. Though no cure yet exists, neurological specialists can provide management options for symptoms that could improve quality of life for patients.

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