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What to Expect When You Arrive at the ER

Emergency care physicians are highly trained professionals who can quickly evaluate patients and initiate life-saving protocols when necessary. Some patients arrive at the Emergency Department of Aventura Hospital and Medical Center with life-threatening medical problems such as stroke or heart attack while others may need emergency care for infections, broken bones, and other generally non-life-threatening conditions. Because of the diverse range of medical needs among ER patients, the emergency care team does not see patients on a “first come, first serve” basis. Rather, patients with the most critical medical problems are seen first.


When you arrive at the emergency care department, a triage nurse will assess your health status. The triage nurse will ask you about your major symptoms and primary medical complaint, and he or she will evaluate your vital signs. Using this information, the triage nurse determines if you need to be taken to the treatment area immediately. When patients’ conditions are not emergent, they are seen in order of arrival.


If a patient requires immediate treatment, he or she may not go through registration beforehand. If you are asked to wait for a little while, you may meet the registration clerk during this time. During registration, the clerk will ask you for some basic information, such as your insurance policy number and an emergency contact. ERs have the mandate to treat patients regardless of ability to pay; even if you do not have health insurance, an ER physician will evaluate and treat you.

Waiting Area

Hospitals strive to make their ER waiting areas as comfortable as possible. While you’re waiting to be seen, you should notify the staff if you experience any urgent changes in your health status.

Treatment Area

In the treatment area, you may meet with several providers. These may include nurses, physicians, and technicians. You may be asked to have diagnostic tests. Once a diagnosis is confirmed, you may receive treatment in the hospital or you may be discharged with prescriptions and instructions for home care. You may be referred to a specialist or to your primary care physician for a follow-up appointment.

At Aventura Hospital and Medical Center, we’re committed to investing in new technologies to streamline the patient experience, including our self-service ER kiosk. Please call 911 for transportation to our ER in Miami. Non-emergent inquiries about our hospital services may be directed to a registered nurse at (305) 682-7000.