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Helping Kids Stay Healthy Over the Holidays

Raising healthy children is important throughout the year, but the holidays can present additional challenges to this goal. Your kids may have greater access to sweets when at school or a friend’s house. They may also be less inclined to be active during their holiday break from classes. You can encourage a healthy lifestyle during the holidays with a few simple guidelines. First, refrain from purchasing holiday candy and desserts. If you surround your children with high-calorie and high-fat sweets, they likely will eat them. Second, find ways to be fit as a family. Miami is still warm enough in winter for a trip to the beach or walk through the neighborhood. Third, give your children holiday gifts that encourage fitness. Sporting equipment is an ideal way to keep your children moving all year long.

Group Of Children Running In Park

We at Aventura Hospital and Medical Center urge parents to set a fitness example for their children. If you would like more tips on how to promote wellness in your family, call us at (305) 682-1704. You can also sign up for our H2U program, which provides easy and effective suggestions for better health.


The Importance of Mammograms


The mammogram has become an important tool in the fight against breast cancer. Since its introduction decades ago, more and more women are winning the battle against this disease. Aventura Hospital and Medical Center offers mammography services for women in the greater North Miami Beach region. If you have yet to undergo this potentially life-saving process, the following information can help you better understand the importance of it.

Detailed Images 
In addition to mammograms, cancer care specialists recommend that all adult women perform monthly breast self-examinations and receive regular clinical breast examinations. Both of these measures can detect unusual masses in breast tissue, but they may not uncover smaller growths too subtle to feel. A mammogram can provide comprehensive imagery of the breast tissue. A physician can evaluate these images for minute masses or growths close to the breastplate. Detection of these small growths may necessitate a biopsy, which if positive, can prompt early breast cancer treatment.

Noninvasive Procedures
A mammogram is a fast and convenient procedure. Even women with busy schedules can make an appointment to have a mammogram done on their lunch hours. It is noninvasive, and for the vast majority of women, completely painless. To reduce likelihood of discomfort, some women may take mild painkiller medications prior to their appointments.

Swift Results
A key attribute of mammograms is how quickly physicians can review their results. Both traditional X-ray mammograms and digital mammograms can produce images within minutes of the procedure being given. Doctors can then make the necessary assessments. If a biopsy is required, it can be scheduled and performed the same day or within days of the mammogram. When dealing with breast cancer, time is crucial, so having fast assess to mammography results is imperative.

When did you last receive a mammogram? If it has been more than a year, you may want to consider scheduling your next checkup with a physician. Call Aventura Hospital and Medical Center today at (305) 682-1704 to discuss and set up your mammogram. 

Decorate Your Home Safely This Holiday Season

Many people celebrate the holidays with home decorations. This video offers some essential tips on how to safely use holiday décor.

If you put up a real Christmas tree, choose a fresh one. You can identify fresh trees in several ways. For one, they do not easily lose their needles. Two, they typically have sap at the trunk base. Should you prefer an artificial tree, locate its fire retardant disclaimer before bringing it home. Holiday lights and candles should be used with caution. Never allow lit candles to burn when you are not at home. Decorate the outside of your house with lights expressly made for that purpose.

Aventura Hospital and Medical Center wants you to have a safe holiday season. To learn more about the care options that our North Miami Beach hospital offers, call (305) 682-1704 today.

What you need to know about Atrial Fibrillation (AFib)


When Atrial Fibrillation and other arrhythmias occur, the electrical signals that coordinate the upper chamber of the heart become disorganized causing an irregular heartbeat. The irregular heartbeat disrupts the flow of blood through the heart. AFib is the most common type of arrhythmia (abnormal heart rhythm). Symptoms can range from chest pain to dizziness or extreme fatigue. AFib may not be life threatening if treated properly.

That’s why at Aventura, we’re all about offering awareness education, diagnosis, treatment and preventive care and everything you need to know about AFib.

What are the symptoms?
Symptoms include chest pain, dizziness, weakness, irregular heartbeat, difficulty in exercising, and fainting. AFib is diagnosed by electrocardiogram (ECG) not usually life threatening if treated properly.It may have no direct cause but can be related to certain structural heart defects, coronary heart disease, thyroid, lung disorders or blood pressure.

What are risk factors?
Age, Lack of exercise, Poor diet, Heart Disease, Excessive Alcohol and Hereditary factors,Diabetes, Sleep apnea and Lung Disease.

What are the complications associated with AFib?
Heart failure and stroke are the two most common complications associated with AFib. Duringan ischemic stroke, blood flow to the brain is blocked by blood clots. AFib increases the riskof suffering an ischemic stroke by five times and may be responsible for 15 to 20 percent ofischemic strokes as it may increase the risk of blood clots.

Why you should choose Aventura if you’re diagnosed with AFib
Aventura Hospital and Medical Center is one of the only three centers in Miami-Dade County to be certified as a Comprehensive Stroke Center by the State Agency for Health Care Administration. Our multispecialty team of physicians and clinicians help identify key symptoms, diagnose and assess treatment options in the event of a stroke.

To know more about symptoms of a stroke call 1.866.256.7692.  For more information, visit www.aventurahospital.com.

Tips for a Healthy Thanksgiving Meal

Cornucopia with pumpkins

Many people look forward to Thanksgiving as the one time of year that they can fully indulge their appetite. However, consuming too much fat or too many calories even on this one day can have dangerous repercussions for Thanksgiving revelers. Aventura Hospital and Medical Center advises individuals in the greater Miami area to be conscientious about their Thanksgiving eating habits. By keeping in mind the following tips, you can enjoy your turkey meal without the worry of excessive calories and weight gain.

Make Room for Vegetables
A well-balanced Thanksgiving meal can include turkey. In fact, when eaten without its skin, turkey meat can be extremely healthy. In addition to this Thanksgiving staple, be sure to put plenty of vegetables on your plate. Many Thanksgiving side dishes, including corn, green beans, squash, broccoli, spinach, carrots, and Brussels sprouts, can make delicious and nutritious additions to your Thanksgiving meal.

Use Sauces Sparingly
A quick way to derail your attempts to eat healthily on Thanksgiving is to use fat-laden sauces. Gravy of any kind typically comes with ample fat and calorie counts. Substituting butter for gravy offers little health advantages. Before adding a sauce to your turkey or side dish, try it on its own. Many dishes are flavorful enough without extra condiments. To ensure that your meal is tasty without sauces, use healthy seasonings such as garlic, rosemary, and thyme.

Take Your Time
If you fast the morning of Thanksgiving just so you can eat as much as your stomach will allow come dinnertime, you are bound to consume far more calories than your body needs. So to enjoy a healthy Thanksgiving meal, eat breakfast. You will be far less likely to overeat as a result. Also, take your time when eating your meal. It takes several minutes for the body to recognize that it is full. Slow down when eating so that your body can tell you when to put down your fork.

Don’t let your Thanksgiving dinner compromise your health. For more tips on how to eat right during the holiday season, call Aventura Hospital and Medical Center at (305) 682-1704. When you visit our website, you can also view the preventative and treatment services we offer to the community.

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