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Miami Breast Care

Women and men each face unique health concerns; as a woman, breast cancer and osteoporosis are two of the largest factors that affect your health, particularly as you age. Aventura Hospital & Medical Center’s fully-accredited Breast Diagnostic Center is part of our hospital’s comprehensive women’s services near Miami. We are proud to offer the professional services and compassionate support you need to enjoy health and happiness at every age, including heart and vascular care, emergency care, maternity care, and orthopedics.

Screening vs. Diagnostic Mammography

Mammography is the use of X-rays to image tissue in the breasts. There are two types of mammography procedures: screening mammography and diagnostic mammography.

Screening mammography is used as a preventive measure to check healthy women for breast cancer. Most women should begin scheduling annual screening mammograms between the ages of 40 and 50. A screening mammogram typically takes 20 minutes to complete; during this time, several images of both breasts will be taken and evaluated. The purpose of screening mammography is to catch otherwise undetectable signs of early-stage breast cancer to improve the chances of successful treatment and elimination of cancer cells.

Diagnostic mammography is a follow-up procedure if your screening mammogram detected an abnormality. You may also schedule a diagnostic mammogram if you have certain breast symptoms, such as a palpable lump or nipple discharge. A diagnostic mammogram focuses on the area of concern and may require several images from different angles to provide your physician with more information about the abnormality. In many cases, diagnostic mammograms confirm that areas of concern are not cancerous; if your physician is still unsure or your results indicate the possible presence of cancer cells, you may be scheduled for further diagnostic tests, such as a breast biopsy.

The Importance of Breast Health

One out of every eight women will be diagnosed with some form of breast cancer during her lifetime. As screening techniques and treatment techniques continue to improve, breast cancer has become a condition with more treatment options than ever before. Understanding how your breast health affects your overall health is important for all women. Scheduling regular mammograms and breast exams, as well as making positive lifestyle changes, can help you cultivate an overall healthier lifestyle in which you take the time to care for yourself, as well as for others. The Breast Care Center at Aventura Hospital & Medical Center is dedicated to providing women with the information and medical services they need to enjoy improved breast and general health, including digital mammography, breast MRI, and second opinion counseling. You can reach Aventura Hospital & Medical Center for more information about our Breast Diagnostic Center and Breast Care Center near Miami by calling (305) 682-7000.