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Miami Emergency Department

Miami Emergency Department

Emergency Care

Medical emergencies are situations such as illnesses or injuries that pose a serious and immediate threat to your health and well-being. During a medical emergency, prompt professional care is necessary to stabilize the condition and start patients toward a healthy recovery. Aventura Hospital & Medical Center’s Emergency Department and Pediatric ER near Miami deliver 24/7 emergency care for injuries, illnesses, strokes, and heart attacks. Our hospital is capable of providing short- and long-term support services that include heart care, stroke care, surgical services, and wound care.

Common Medical Emergencies

If you have any concerns that an illness or injury is beyond your ability to treat, don’t hesitate to seek emergency care. Some of the most common medical emergencies that require treatment at an ER include:

  • A prolonged fever of 102 degrees or higher in children or 103 degrees or higher in adults.
  • Broken bones or serious sprains that affect mobility or result in severe swelling.
  • Any burn that is larger than the size of your hand or reaches deeper than the top layer of skin.
  • Large or deep wounds, especially those that bleed heavily or that do not stop with the application of pressure.
  • Severe allergies or asthma that cause difficulty breathing or swallowing.
  • Heart attack or stroke symptoms, including chest pain, dizziness, fainting, slurred speech, confusion, and partial paralysis or muscle weakness.

Services Provided by Your ER

When you visit the Aventura Hospital & Medical Center’s ER, the services you receive will depend upon your needs. Some patients are discharged and can return home after treatment, while others require admission to the hospital.

  • Diagnostic services, such as a physical exam, blood tests, and diagnostic imaging, provide your physician with the information he needs to diagnose your condition and begin treatment.
  • Illnesses may be treated with medication and the administration of intravenous fluids to prevent dehydration. In cases of severe illness, onsite monitoring or admission to the hospital may be required.
  • Wound care and trauma care focus on the treatment of burns and lacerations. An orthopedics specialist may treat broken bones or sprains.
  • If surgery is needed, it may be scheduled immediately through the emergency department, or you may be admitted to the hospital first.
  • Patients who require behavioral health services may be transferred to the Behavioral Health Services department to receive specialized acute or general inpatient care.

At Aventura Hospital & Medical Center, our ER in Miami is ready to provide the experienced and compassionate medical care you need. Please call (305) 682-7000 today for more information about emergency care or general health care at our hospital, including outpatient care and our H2U—health to you program.